driving is risky business

Distracted driving is risky business. Know how your drivers drive on the road3 min read

Distracted driving is a very risky business.

The road demands full attention from every driver. As business owners, we want our employees driving safely when on company business. As part of our family, we want our kids, spouses, baby sitters, and family members to be safe when on the road.

How do you know that ‘your driver’ is attentive at the wheel?

“Being forewarned is forearmed” – Unknown

Most of us think that we’re safe drivers – until we get feedback from those who see us drive.
At SafeROADS Project we have created a way using which fellow drivers can tell us how we really drive. We believe, every driver will be more conscious of his driving style if he / she know that they can receive feedback about their driving behaviors.

Studies have shown that drivers who are aware that their driving behavior can be reported tend to be far more conscientious of their driving. Accident rates are reduced by 22% and higher in scenarios where the driver knew that their driving behavior was being monitored. This is what paid “driver safety monitoring” programs do. We have created such a program too – but we decided to open it to all.

You should care about most of these drivers…

  1. Parents – how safely does your nanny or baby-sitter drive when they are transporting your kids from school to home or to enrichment classes through the day?
  2. Business owners – How safe is your employee’s driving when they are conducting business. Your employees are ambassadors of your business. How they drive on the road has a huge impact on not just your commercial insurance but also your business reputation.
  3. Parents – How responsible is your teenage driver behind the wheel?
  4. In fact, we need to care about every other driver who is sharing the road with us. Most accidents have more than 1 car involved. There is always someone in the accident who was not at fault but still ended up being hurt by it. Join us in letting those bad drivers know “how they are driving” and empower those who worry about them to have a conversation about their driving.
  5. How distracted are you on the road? A little bit of honest feedback can do us good as well.


Enroll in our FREE “Driver safety monitoring”  program

In this day and age, we almost always have someone who we deeply care for, driving or in a vehicle traveling on the road.  Speeding and other forms of bad driving endangers everyone on the road.

Get your vehicle enrolled in our driver safety monitoring program today! The “How am I driving” by SafeRoadsProject.com is FREE to enroll in for everyone.

How do I sign up?

  1. Sign up for our driver safety monitoring program
  2. Add your vehicles into the system
  3. Earn points for reporting vehicles and drivers for being unsafe
  4. Receive alerts whenever your vehicle is reported for being unsafe

Upgrade your membership to avail features such as real-time alerts, advanced reporting and trend analysis of reports against your vehicle(s)