Do you know an aggressive driver?1 min read

Most aggressive drivers think they are very good drivers, just that they are more assertive than others or in many cases they think they are better qualified to drive than others.

Aggressive driving contributes to over 5 million yearly accidents. Collisions are the leading cause of death for people 3 to 33 years old. Over 50% of fatal collisions are caused by aggressive driving.

Causes of Fatal Crashes attributable to Aggressive Driving:

#2      Speeding
#4      Failing to yield the right-of-way
#6      Reckless driving, including common dangerous habits
#7      Failing to obey traffic signs and signals

Sometimes our aggressive drivers aren’t quite open to feedback from family and friends. Let help you get them back in their driving lane.

  1. Have your friend register on
  2. Get one of our car bumper stickers and let the world tell them how aggressive or defensive a driver they are

One more safer driver on the roads means some more potential road accidents prevented!
Let us work together, because Road Safety is Everyones’ Responsibility