Driver safety feedback for professional drivers & vehicle fleets1 min read

Safety is no accident. Driver safety feedback helps all drivers

Safety and safe driving just doesn’t just happen. You as the commercial fleet owner need to build it into your program.

Drivers are the most important element in any road safety plan.

Enroll your fleet in a driver monitoring like “HOW AM I DRIVING” has recently introduced a special package for Fleet owners enabling you to get instant feedback on your vehicles and use data to help manage your drivers’ safety better.

Start a Driver Recognition Program

In conjunction with the driver monitoring, start a Safe Driver Recognition Program that recognizes drivers for achieving certain accident-free driving miles.

Make it known that driver safety is a priority

Publicly announce your top performing drivers in the presence of the rest of your team. Make public statements and announcements making it clear that your company is serious about safety.

Your drivers need to know that you care about safety and that safe drivers are rewarded and there are clear consequences for those with safety violations.