Road safety tips for your new teen driver1 min read

So you have a young teen driver who is excited to learn driving. It is surely an exciting time but also one where you as a parent need to be taking all the precautions to ensure your childs safety


It’s a fact: teenage drivers account for more auto accidents than any other age group.


MUST DO ITEMS so you can help your teen stay safe behind the wheel –

  1. See why you should put a decal on your teens car.  Convinced? Now, Get the HOW AM I DRIVING decal from
  2. Have a chat with your team about driving safely. Many lives depend on it.


NHTSA reminds parents to set the rules before teens hit the road with “5 to Drive”:

  • No cell phones while driving
  • No extra passengers
  • No speeding
  • No alcohol
  • No driving or riding without a seat belt adds another rule….

  • Put the decal so you know how they go!