Why use a “how am I driving” decal?2 min read

Do HOW AM I DRIVING decals work?

The HOW AM I DRIVING decal is a very effective tool that has been used by businesses and parents / guardians of teenage drivers to influence better driving behavior.

The concept is simple – the decal on the vehicle solicits feedback from other drivers on the road.

The purpose of the decal is to increase traffic safety, as those who know they are driving a vehicle with a decal would want to drive more safely in order to not draw complaints.

Is there data supporting the effectiveness of HOW’s MY DRIVING programs

Studies have found that vehicles displaying the decal are involved in 22% fewer accidents and result in a 52% reduction in accident-related costs.

Most such programs have been available for businesses and utilized by fleet vehicles or vehicles driving by employee drivers. But given the effectiveness, its a no-brainer for private citizens to make use of this approach and keep their loved ones safe on the road.

The SafeRoads Project does just that! Anyone, in any country can use to report drivers who are not fully alert or may not be fully safe while behind the wheel


Crowd sourced reports to help make our roads safer

By enlisting the help of fellow drivers who share the road with us, each of us can help get more disciplined when at the wheel.

This works great for aggressive drivers, dangerously slow drivers, over confident drivers who rarely use their turn signals, drivers who use the phone or text while on the road and also for Student drivers or younger drivers who may be easily distracted while at the wheel.


Where can I get a SAFEROADSProject decal?

The SafeROADSProject “HOW AM I DRIVING?” decals are available for purchase on our website and are also available at extremely nominal prices from many of our partners worldwide.
If you own a driving school or a business relating to road safety or are simply a citizen who cares for this cause, simply contact us and we will be happy to share with you the artwork for the decals so you can get them printed and choose to either sell them or give them away as your act of goodness towards helping make our roads safer.


We are making our platform available and are happy to partner with you if you are passionate about making our roads safer and saving lifes in the process. Contact us at via email to discuss what you may have in mind.


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