Why use min read is a social initiative spawned out of the global need to make roads safer for all.

Traffic accidents kill over a million people worldwide. A large part of these accidents can be avoided.

In many parts of the world, while they have quite a lot of cars, there is very little in terms of a emergency response infrastructure. In those parts of the world, people who get into an accident lose their life due to the failure of gettig timely medical help and attention.

We launched with 1 goal in mind. To make our roads safer for all – drivers and pedestrians alike.

We firmly believe “Road safety is Everyones’ responsibility

As a responsible citizen of whichever country you reside in, it is your civic duty and social responsibility to –

  1. protect your fellow citizens by reporting unsafe drivers
  2. their family members know about their driving habits and keep them from driving and endangering their own and others’ lives
  3. report any vehicles that are in an accident so the drivers loved ones and emergency contacts can be informed in a timely manner

Also we seek your support in inviting your friends and loved ones to join the and spread the word.