How do I report a drunk driver?2 min read

In the hands of impaired, careless, reckless and angry drivers, a vehicle becomes a dangerous instrument. Unfortunately, too many drivers mix alcohol or other impairing substances with the power of a vehicle. When you observe bad driving, you must do your part by anonymously reporting such incidents.

Drunk driving, distracted driving or other forms of unsafe driving exhibit common signs –

  • Swerving across the road constantly
  • Sudden stops and accelerations
  • Turning quickly or without giving a turn signal
  • Using the wrong signal for the turn
  • Traveling off the road, such as on a sidewalk, yard or grassy surface
  • Driving well below the speed limit
  • Running a stop sign or stop light
  • Going the wrong way on a one-way lane

Who should I call to report a drunk driver?

While your first instinct is to call 911 – calling 911 is not a good idea. Many local governments (cities, counties) maintain their local numbers for you to report unsafe drivers. Alternatively, irrespective of which country or place you are in, you can always report such incidences directly at

What information do I need to report?

When you report such incidents – you should report

  1. the date and time of unsafe driving,
  2. color, make and model of the car.
  3. license plate # of the car
  4. any special distinguishing features of the car
  5. the location where you observed drunk or unsafe driving
  6. the unsafe driving behavior you observed …serving, running a red light


What should I not do when reporting unsafe drivers?

  • Do not do anything that causes you to drive unsafe or break the law in any manner
  • Do not speed in an effort to get close to the offender
  • Do not attempt to take pictures or make a phone call while you are driving. Always pull over if you need to use your phone or let a passenger do that.
  • Do not attempt to confront or intercept the vehicle – simply report the issue and continue on with your activity. You have been a responsible citizen by simply taking the time to report the incident.

Many drivers likely will appreciate your efforts to keep them safe. Reporting drunk or unsafe drivers and your own obedience of the rules of the road are key efforts. If you become the victim of an unsafe or drunk driver, you may need legal representation to pursue your claims, deal with the driver’s insurance company and, if necessary, sue for the injuries you have sustained.