Spotted a bad driver – report them1 min read

How often have you come across an aggressive and unsafe driver on the road? This has happened to almost all of us more than once.

Yet, there is very little we have been able to do something about such people. Each of us have different reactions to such drivers….

Some might want to simply curse at them, others may wish to report such bad drivers and yet others hope they could notify that person and their family that they are a danger to themselves and others on the roads.

At, we’re taking a simple yet very effective approach. Each of us had been a not-so-good driver at some point. Its grossly irresponsible to be driving badly on the road because you endanger not just yourselves, the passengers in your vehicles but also the drivers and passengers in the vehicles around you.

To report a bad driver, just report the vehicle license plate number and other details anonymously at

This is a great tool for parents to know how their kids are driving. For lack of a better description, ours is a crowd-powered driving monitoring system that a parent or a business owner can use to get real-time feedback on their vehicles.

Even today there are many parts of the world, a simple report as this one may be the difference between getting help and bleeding to death for the victims of a road accident.

Roads kill. Lets work together to make them safer for all.