How am I Driving? – know it for free1 min read

Most of us think of ourselves as very good drivers. But that may not be necessarily what others sharing the road may think of us.

The “How am I driving” car bumper sticker has for long been a tool used by businesses

  1. to manage their fleets
  2. to get feedback on how their drivers are driving
  3. to meet a requirement and to become eligible for insurance discounts by their insurance companies.

We at firmly believe that to make our roads safer, all of us need to work together.

Together, we can give feedback to our not-so-good drivers so they can watch how they drive and improve their driving skills.

To support the activity – report a bad driver on and while you are at it, register yourself and your vehicles so you are notified when any of your vehicles are reported by someone on the road.


There is no cost to enroll, just buy a car bumper sticker on and spread the awareness.