Student driver sticker – is it a good idea?1 min read

A student driver sticker on a car is a good thing.

Road rage is very common these days on every road in every part of the world. A student driver sticker tells your fellow drivers – I’m not a seasoned driver so please be patient with me.

Drivers on the road not only have many distractions like phone calls and texting but most have the stresses of life bogging them them. A ‘student driver’ sticker is a smart way to preempt many forms of accident.

If your student driver isn’t a very safe driver – then the sticker powered by is also a great way for you to get critical feedback back to your student driver before their driving skills get them in trouble. As the popular saying goes “A stitch in time saves nine”

Powered with the technology a student driver sticker says so much more …

  • I’m a student driver so please be patient with me
  • If my car or I are in trouble – you can notify my loved ones via
  • If you have some ‘driving’ advise for me – let me know via